Erdco Armor-Flo 3400

Armor-Flo 3400
Erdco Armor-Flo 3400
Armor-Flo 3400

Measure liquid, gas or steam flow rates in horizontal or vertical pipelines. Armor-FloTM meters handle fluids that cannot be measured with the See-Flo® due to clarity, pressure or compatibility with wetted materials. The wedge shape of the meter body housing provides the Armor-FloTM with the same self-cleaning characteristics as the See-Flo®. Teflon® encapsulated cobalt magnets are used to couple the flow isolated indicator with the vane. These features emphasize simplicity and reduce maintenance.



  • Instantaneous rate measurement.
  • Measure opaque fluids.
  • More exotic materials of construction.
  • Use in horizontal or vertical piping systems.
  • Individually calibrated for fluid and operating conditions.
  • User selectable 10:1 turndown flow ranges. (See “Meter Rangeability Sizing Tables”)
  • User selectable units of measure-including dual units of measure.
  • No floats to get stuck, tubes to break or dynamic seals to leak.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • Simple design with few parts for long service life.


  • Water
  • Liquids with viscosity up to 300 cSt.
  • Air and other gases
  • Vacuum service
  • Steam
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