Danfos CS Pressure Switches for Air and Water

CS Pressure Switches
Danfos CS Pressure Switches for Air and Water
CS Pressure Switches

CS pressure switches have a built-in pressure operated, three-pole switch. The contact position of which depends on the pressure in the connector and the range setting and adjustable differential. The pressure switches are fitted with a manual switch that will lock the contact system in the open position independently of the pressure in the system. Pressure switches with relief valve is used in compressed air systems where pressure relief on the compressor piston before start is required. The CS is suited for automatic start and stop of air compressors and water boosters.


  • Pressure ranges 2 – 20 bar
  • Pressure connection G ½ or G 1/4
  • Contact system 3-pole (TPST) as standard available also as an accessory
  • Adjustable differential
  • Relief valve as accessory
  • Manual switch to lock the contact system
  • Enclosure IP43 or IP55
  • Special versions with pressure connection made of polyacetal suitable in drinking water applications


  • EN 60 947-4-1
  • EN 60 947-5-1


Contact loadIeUe
AC-312 A220 – 415 V
AC-39 A600 V
DC-13/142 A220 V (3 contacts in series)
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Electrical life on rated load100.000 operations
Mechanical life1.000.000 operations
Ambient temperature-20 – 70 °C
Temperature of mediumWater0 – 70 °C
 Air-20 – 70 °C
Vibration-proof0 – 1000 Hz at 4g
 Direction A-B341 Hz
Resonance frequencyDirection C-D332 Hz
Direction E-F488 Hz
Diaphragm materialHytrel
Pressure connectorSpecialPolyacetal, G ½
 OthersSilumin, G ¼ or G ½
Pressure relief valve (capacity)2000 cm3 from 10 – 1 bar in 18.8 sec.
Grade of enclosure to IEC 529IP43 or IP55

Properties according to EN 60947

 solid / stranded0.7 – 2.5 mm2
Wire dimensionflexible, with / without ferrules0.75 – 2.5 mm2
flexible, with ferrules0.5 – 1.5 mm2
Tightening torquemax. 1.2 Nm 
Rated impulse voltage4 kV
Pollution degree3 
Short circuit protection, fuse25 A
Insulation600 V
IP-indexIP43 or IP55

Standard pressure switch type CS

Read more:https://inaparts.com/sensor/danfos-cs-pressure-switches-for-air-and-water/

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