Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters GFA-202 Energoflow

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters GFA-202 Energoflow
Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters GFA-202 Energoflow

Energoflow GFA-202 Flow Meters can be used as part of metering units of gas distribution points, industrial enterprises and communal service installation. Flow meters are designed for use in continuous operating mode and require minimal maintenance. Flow meters can be included to the measurement networks and control systems.

Flow meters has the protection marking “0ExiаIIBT4 Х ” and can be installed indoors in explosions hazard zones. Flow meter consists of the electronic unit (EU) and flanged in-line section, having two pairs of inserted ultrasonic transducers as well as temperature sensor and pressure sensor.

Control software program is used for recording, viewing and changing the settings of the flow meter , recording and viewing of measurement data, as well as for reading data archive.

This program allows you to view the archive data and modify the flow meter settings via a PC monitor and then upload the archive data to a file on the flow meter. The flow meter provides protection of settings and archive data from unauthorized changing by restricting access through a system of passwords and hardware based protection of configuration from being overwritten.

The main technical features of GFA-202 are:

  • The flow meter is powered by an built-in lithium battery having service life not less than 4 years.
  • The flow meter carries out direct measurement of temperature and pressure and on basis of the measured values of these parameters calculates the kinematic gas viscosity, which is then used for calculating correction coefficients of Reynolds number.

Flow meters are designed for :

  • measurement of the volumetric flow rate and volume of natural gas
  • measurement of temperature of gas
  • measurement of absolute pressure gas
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