Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Energoflow


The Energoflow GF series is designed to perfection for reliable and accurate measurement of the gas flow in pipelines using the pulse-time method. These flowmeters can be used for flow monitoring and measurement of air, natural gas, industrial gases, fuel gas, etc. over a vast range of process conditions :

  • for flow speeds as low as 0.1 m/s and as high as 70 m/s
  • for ambient temperatures as low as -65 deg C and as high as +70 deg C
  • in hazardous areas and hard to access locations
  • when the pressure in the pipeline is as high as 160 bars

The major advantages of the Energoflow GF series are:

  1. No obstruction to the flow and zero pressure loss
  2. No moving parts and no mechanical wear or tear
  3. Easy installation and simplicity of use
  4. Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems
  5. High accuracy, large turn-down ratio, reliable measurement and fast reaction to changes in process conditions

Energoflow GF series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters can be accessed remotely via PC. Using special software, it is possible to display the following data as per the customer’s choice:

Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/ultrasonic-gas-flow-meters-energoflow-2/

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