Erdco See-Flo® 3100

See-Flo® 3100

Established in 1946, ERDCO Engineering Corporation has supplied the Process, Environmental, Water Treatment and HVAC Industries with flow measurement including Variable Area, Rotameter, Turbine and Thermal Dispersion Type Flowmeters. These rugged instruments are specified for the measurement of utility liquids, gases and steam. Typical fluids include water, air, coolants, steam, lubricants and nitrogen to name a few.

ERDCO is committed to providing customers with flow and level measurement instruments that are reliable and easy to use. This focus is present in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. Technically oriented firms in major markets worldwide offer ERDCO products. Factory direct application assistance is available to help you identify the most cost effective solution.

Erdco See-Flo® 3100
See-Flo® 3100

See-Flo® sight flow indicators show you at a glance, the color, clarity and flow of liquids in process lines. The large tempered glass window permits easy observation of fluid conditions and vane indicator position. The wedge shape of the meter housing makes See-Flo® practically self-cleaning. Where periodic maintenance might be necessary, the window is easily removed and replaced. As this is a sight flow indicator, it does not include a calibrated scale.



  • Observe fluid conditions for color, clarity and flow.
  • Repeatable vane indication-same position at same flow rate.
  • This enables the user to mark a normal condition on the ledge below the pointer.
  • Use in horizontal or vertical piping systems.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • Simple design with few parts for long service life.
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