Danfoss MEP Electronic Pressure Switches

Danfoss MEP Electronic Pressure Switches

Improve safety and reduce maintenance costs

An electronic pressure switch offers a multitude of advantages in comparison to a mechanical pressure switch.

These advantages include greater accuracy, freedom from contact wear out, excellent long-term stability, simpler operation and a high number of switching cycles, and many more.

Advanced electronic pressure switches

Danfoss’ electronic pressure switch MEP 2000 series offers advanced control to improve safety, extend equipment lifecycles and reduce maintenance costs.

The electronic pressure switch is available in two versions. The single switch output version has customised hysteresis and time constant. It also features protection against short circuits, incorrect wiring and overloading. The dual output version includes both switch and analogue outputs. For both versions the switch is defined by the customer and pre-programmed in our factory.

Both versions can be supplied with a pulse-snubber to protect the sensor in applications exposed to cavitation, liquid hammer and pressure peaks.

MEP 2200 and MEP 2250 versions:

For use in Mobile Hydraulic applications Dual output

Output 1: Switch output

  • Hysteresis 1% FS
  • Time constant 1 mS Output 2: Analogue output
  • Ratiometric or absolute voltage output

MEP 2600 and MEP 2650 versions:

For use in Mobile Hydraulic, Industrial Hydraulic and Air Compressor applications

Single output

Output 1: Switch output

  • Hysteresis 1 – 8% FS
  • Time constant 8 – 512 mS
  • Immunity towards VFD

The series are available in 2 versions:

  • MEP 2200 and MEP 2600 – without integrated pulse-snubber
  • MEP 2250 and MEP 2650 – with integrated pulse-snubber

The integrated pulse-snubber offers a high degree of protection against cavitations and liquid hammer. The well thought out design results in excellent vibration stability and an exceptional robustness.

The high degree of EMI protection equips the electronic pressure switch to meet most requirements.


Read more:https://inaparts.com/sensor/danfoss-mep-electronic-pressure-switches/

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