Local Process Indicator LDU–401, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement


LDU–401 process indicator is fit for all level meters with 4 … 20 mA with 2-wire technique. Customers can use the two buttons to program the zero point, span, decimal point, damping and alarm point, etc. Over or under range are displayed as a message.

The integrated smart diagnostic system continuously monitors all device functions. The programmed parameters are stored in an EEPROM and being kept in case of a power failure. The plug-on display is simply plugged in between the connector and socket; it is then ready for operation.


  • For local display of measured value (level)
  • Easy direct mounting onto a level meter under the connector
  • 4-digit LED display
  • Easy setting by 2 button
  • Processor control of the display
  • Powered from the current loop (4 … 20 mA)

The firm Dinel, s.r.o. was founded in 1995, after transformation from the small private firm, which produced capacitive sensors since 1991. Nowadays Dinel, s.r.o. is one of the most influential producers of level measurement systems in the Czech Republic with big annual increases in sales and strong innovative potential. Our level meters and limit sensors fulfill various requirements in a wide range of industrial branches, e.g. agricultural technology and food industry, plastic materials technology, chemical industry, petroleum and gas filling stations, in heating and water processing technology, building materials processing technology, packaging technology, in transport vehicles, etc. Besides, our power supplies, control units, and controllers are very frequently used in various control and measuring systems.

Thanks to flexible manufacturing and logistics we are well able to deliver a product that fully meets your requirements while keeping good terms and prices. We willingly help you with the choice of the best measuring method and an appropriate device. All of our products meet the requirements of European directives and norms. We keep 3 years warranty on all range of our products.

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Read more:https://inaparts.com/display-indicator-control/local-process-indicator-ldu-401-dinel-level-and-flow-measurement/

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