Relay and Pump Module (DXM1) Connex Compatible, Flocorp-Monitor

Relay and Pump Module (DXM1) CONNEX COMPATIBLE
Relay and Pump Module (DXM1) CONNEX COMPATIBLE
Relay and Pump Module (DXM1) CONNEX COMPATIBLE

FLO-CORP’s wireless cellular monitors have the ability to monitor multiple field devices of any type (i.e. level, flow, pressure, temperature, pH) and transmit the data to an online cloud-based portal for remote monitoring. The software capabilities include filtering tanks by-product, checking battery levels and network status, monitoring multiple tanks at one time, and viewing current tank inventory, inventory history, and alarm information.

The CONNEX 3D™ is a revolutionary concept in the process instrumentation market. It is flexible, versatile, and adaptable due to the variety of modules that connect to each other. Think of the modules like Legos®, pick and choose from a wide variety of options that plug into your CONNEX 3D to create a unique system to fit your exact needs.

The Relay and Pump Control Module for the CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Process Meter features a relay setpoint for rate or total capabilities. Add functionality such as control, alarm monitoring, batch control, and batching systems to the CONNEX 3D™ Process Meter.

Features and benefit

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