Hoffer Flow Controls CT Series Turbine Flow Meters for Custody Transfer

CT Series
Hoffer Flow Controls CT Series Turbine Flow Meters for Custody Transfer
CT Series

The Hoffer CT Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement in a rim rotor design. These flowmeters are typically used in liquid petroleum products. This series is recommended for flow applications where high resolution (pulse count) is critical in order to achieve custody transfer grade accuracy.



  • Widest flow turndown ranges available in a custody transfer grade turbine flowmeter.
  • Designed to be compliant with API Standard Chapter 5.3.
  • Rim rotor design offered in sizes 4″-12″ provides for high pulse resolution.
  • Bearing types include self-lubricating, ceramic ball bearings and tungsten carbide sleeve.
  • Optionally available with multiple pickup coils for redundancy or bi-directional flow measurement.
  • Rotor assembly is hydrodynamically balanced and floats on fluid cushion to provide extended bearing life.


Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/hoffer-flow-controls-ct-series-turbine-flow-meters-for-custody-transfer/

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