eXmod™ DXM1 Relay Expansion, FLocorp-Monitor

eXmod™ DXM1 Relay Expansion Module
eXmod™ DXM1 Relay Expansion Module

Digital Panel Meters, Wireless Monitors and Flexible Process Meters play a critical role in connecting data from process conditions to the user. Whether a quick visual glance of tank level is enough or complete data logging and reporting information on pipe flow or tank level is required, our process meters supply the data you need.

We take pride in the fact that our process meters are manufactured right here in the USA. Over the years we have listened to our customer’s feedback and invented a unique process meter that is unlike any on the market. Many of our customers didn’t need a process meter with all the bells and whistles which is why we created a customizable process meter, you are able to build your own meter that is unique to your application.  Pick from features such as digital display, cellular, TCP/IP Ethernet, Radio, data logger, and much more. The CONNEX 3D™ does just that, add different features to CONNECT to your CONNEX.

The eXmod™ is a 4-relay output module that connects to select Universal Process Displays via RS-485 serial communication (4-wire). The eXmod is extremely versatile and can be mounted locally or remotely to allow for a purely distributed system. Display(s) can be mounted in the plant or control panel, while the eXmod can be mounted in the motor control cabinet for reduced cost of control wiring. Additionally, the eXmod’s BIG 10 AMP AC/DC rated relays bring added value to your control/alarm monitoring/ batching systems.

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Features & Benefits

Read more:https://inaparts.com/display-indicator-control/expansion-flocorp-monitor/

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