DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter, Flocorp-Monitor

DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter
DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter
DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter

DigaCom 2000™ Universal Process Display is a field mount display that provides bright, 6-digit LED indication, internal DC power supply for transmitter power, isolated scalable 4-20mA output, and advanced communications. DigaCom features digital push button configuration, simple programming interface, and Ethernet communication. This device is well suited for a variety of process applications. Typical applications include level monitoring, analytical measurements, flow, distance monitoring, pressure monitoring, weight/volume monitoring, and temperature monitoring.

Features & Benefit

  • Bright, 6-Digit LED Display
  • Four Internal Push Buttons
  • E-mail Alerts / Alarm Summary
  • DigaLink™ PC Software Included with purchase
  • Rate Display
  • Totalizer
  • Maximum Range Display
  • Universal 90-265 VAC or 12-28 VDC
  • RS-485 Serial Communication Port Modbus
  • Ethernet Communication
  • NEMA 4X Field Mount or NEMA 7 Explosion Proof Enclosure
  • Optional Epoxy Coated Aluminum Enclosure for durable, rugged applications
  • Transmitter DC Power
  • Isolated scalable 4-20mA output
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Read more:https://inaparts.com/display-indicator-control/digacom-digital-process-flocorp/

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