Kytola Seal Water Flow Meter Model SLM

Seal Water Flow Meter Model SLM
Kytola Seal Water Flow Meter Model SLM
Seal Water Flow Meter Model SLM

Kytola® Instruments OY is part of a group of companies that is family owned under the Kytola® name. Kytola is a manufacturer and developer of flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers.

The Kytola Seal Water Flow Meter Model SLM is an accurate, efficient and reliable flow meter that is specially designed for applications where uninterrupted seal water flow is required. Proper adjustment of flow and pressure will result in significant water and energy savings.

The strong and compact design ensures maximum resistance to external impact. The SLM has been optimized to withstand contaminated water and it comes with a built-in flow tube cleaner. Its reliable and accurate flow measurement is based on a variable area metering principle using a free-floating float.

The SLM comes in many different models, which guarantees compatibility with all seal types. The SLM can also be easily equipped with an alarm output by installing an inductive proximity sensor. Typical applications are flushing and purge water applications, gland packings, single and double mechanical seals.

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  • Clog resistant flow control valve
  • Built-in tube cleaner
  • Hose barb connectors
  • Alternative connectors on request
  • Mounting bracket

Typical Applications

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