Hoffer Flow Controls LO-CO Series Turbine Flow Meters for Liquid

LO-CO Series
Hoffer Flow Controls LO-CO Series Turbine Flow Meters for Liquid
LO-CO Series

Hoffer Flow Controls presents the Lo-Co Series of low cost turbine flowmeters for customers working with a limited budget, a line that is a perfect fit for liquid utility and OEM applications. The Lo-Co Series provides you with the most economical flow solution while its outstanding features such as ALL stainless steel construction and precision machined components speak for themselves. The Lo-Co Series is available in nine line sizes and may be interfaced with our complete line of electronics including signal conditioners, converters, rate indicators/totalizers and flow computers.

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Operating Principle
Fluid entering the Hoffer turbine flowmeter passes through an inlet flow straightener which reduces the fluid’s turbulent flow pattern and improves the velocity profile. The fluid engages a vaned rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to flow rate. The pickup coil senses thespinning motion of the rotor through the housing and converts it into a pulsing electrical signal. Summation of this signal relates directly to the total flow, while the frequency is linearly related to flow rate.


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