Hoffer Flow Controls Industrial Star Series Turbine Flow Meters for Liquid

Industrial Star Series Turbine Flow Meters

HOFFER FLOW CONTROLS was incorporated in 1969 in the state of New Jersey. For more than fifty years Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation. Our initial experience was in the field of cryogenic flow measurement. Today our reputation in this field is synonymous with quality.

The development of the modern turbine flowmeter can be traced back to David Potter, founder of Potter Aeronautical. Potter pioneered the development of the turbine flowmeter for the Navy in the 1940’s. The initial application for the Potter turbine flowmeter was in fuel flow measurement for Navy aircraft. Today fuel flow continues to be an ideal application for the turbine flowmeter.

Throughout the 1950’s and early 1960’s business at Potter Aeronautical of Union, New Jersey thrived. Potter held exclusive patents on the design of the turbine flowmeter. Potter Aeronautical began licensing the turbine flowmeter to other companies, both domestic and internationally. At the time Potter Aeronautical closed in 1968, its’ production manager was a young engineer named Ken Hoffer. Ken then founded his own turbine flowmeter company… Hoffer Flow Controls.

For the first ten years in business Hoffer Flow Controls specialized in cryogenic flow measurement systems. Hoffer pioneered the use of the turbine flowmeter in cryogenics.

During the late 1970’s we began to diversify into other markets, including oil patch, chemical and petrochemical, aerospace and energy measurement. More recently, we have introduced our products to the European Common Market, Central and South America and the Far East.

Today Hoffer Flow Controls manufactures high precision turbine flowmeters, not only for the cryogenic industry but is a world leader in turbine flowmeter technology for the measurement of clean liquids and gases throughout the processing industries.

Hoffer Flow Controls Industrial Star Series Turbine Flow Meters for Liquid
Industrial Star Series Turbine Flow Meters

The Hoffer Industrial Star Series Turbine Flowmeters are designed and manufactured for process liquids where cost is of primary concern. The Star meters are constructed with a simple design, allowing for rugged and dependable service at a low cost and with a timely delivery.

In addition to the Industrial STAR Series, HOFFER offers a full line of precision turbines for liquid and gas, miniflowmeters for low-flow liquid and gas applications, profile insertion flowmeters for liquids and gases, as well as a complete line of electronic support equipment, including flow computers and linearizers. Contact the Applications Group at HOFFER for assistance.

Note : Spare parts are available for the STAR Series to facilitate field repairs. The factory does not provide repair service on this series since it is generally more economical to replace the flowmeter.

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