Kytola Oval Gear Flow meter Model 2950

Oval Gear Flow meter Model 2950
Kytola Oval Gear Flow meter Model 2950
Oval Gear Flow meter Model 2950

Kytola® Instruments OY is part of a group of companies that is family owned under the Kytola® name. Kytola is a manufacturer and developer of flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers.

The company founded in 1945 by Olli Kytola is located in Muurame, Finland. Olli Kytola understood there was a need for reliable flow measuring instruments. He achieved his dream as the Kytola line of products has systematically and steadily grown during past decades to an internationally known company, whose products are used worldwide.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture reliable and innovative flow metering, monitoring and control devices that globally provide customers and OEM manufacturers with quality engineered products and application solutions.

KYTOLA Oval Gear Meter Model 2950 is designed and developed for lubrication oil measurement in demanding industrial environments. The oval gear meter is a positive displacement flow meter, which always shows the correct flow rate regardless of oil temperature or viscosity changes.

The flow meter consists of two elliptical gears, which the flow rotates. A coil sensor or an inductive proximity switch picks up the rotation, and the pulse signal can be transferred to indicators, counters or automation systems. Typical applications include lubrication oil measurement, industrial oil flow monitoring, and process control.

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