Flux Drum Emptying Systems VISCOFLUX lite Ex

Drum Emptying Systems VISCOFLUX lite Ex
Drum Emptying Systems VISCOFLUX lite Ex
Drum Emptying Systems VISCOFLUX lite Ex

VISCOFLUX drum emptying systems were specially developed for emptying lidded drums with high-viscosity contents. The medium is continuously and particularly careful extracted with FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps. All systems achieve an almost complete emptying of the drum with < 1 % residual amount (under 2 % for drums with in liners). Whereas the VISCOFLUX lite is ideal for pumping high-viscosity media barely capable of flowing the VISCOFLUX and VISCOFLUX mobile are capable of pumping high-viscosity media not even capable of flowing by themselves.

In the Ex version it is suitable for the use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and for transferring a wide variety of flammable media (zone 0/1). The system transports the media gently and continuously. Like the VISCOFLUX, the VISCOFLUX lite and the VISCOFLUX mobile, the VISCOFLUX lite Ex leaves just less than 1 % of the media in the drum.


  • Resource-saving – up to less than 1 % residue
  • Efficient use of the medium and low expenditure for disposal
  • Continuous and gentle transport, no structural change of the medium
  • Customized solution due to individual selection of drive motor in combination with matching eccentric worm-drive pump
  • Fast cleaning as system can be quickly dismantled
  • Process reliability due to hermetical sealing of the medium even if the transfer process is interrupted
  • High flexibility due to low installation height – also suitable for working rooms with relatively low ceilings
  • Simple extension due to comprehensive range of accessories (flow meter, hoses, fittings etc.)
  • Quick to install with few components
  • Version available for the use in hazardous areas zone 0/1


Read more:https://inaparts.com/industrial-machine-equipment/pumps/drum-emptying-systems-viscoflux-liteex/

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