Flux Drum Emptying System VISCOFLUX mobile S

Drum Emptying System VISCOFLUX mobile S
Drum Emptying System VISCOFLUX mobile S
Drum Emptying System VISCOFLUX mobile S

The VISCOFLUX mobile S drum emptying system was specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical, food
and cosmetics industries. It is perfectly suited for ensuring efficiency and process safety while pumping high viscosity, paste-like, non-self-flowing media out of diverse drums – either with or without aseptic bags. Media
can be transferred low-shear and continuously. The residual amount remaining in the drum is up to less than 1 %.
The mobile drum emptying system offers a high degree of flexibility and can also be operated in wet or damp
production environments. The systems stainless steel process device bears the protection class IP 66.

VISCOFLUX mobile S is a stand-alone system that contains a process device and a pump unit consisting of a motor,
eccentric worm-drive pump and a follower plate with a process seal. The pump unit can be customized for the
specific application. Steerable rear wheels make it easy to move the system to the drum.


  • Mobile, compact drum emptying system
  • Pumps high-viscosity, paste-like and non-self-flowing media
  • For use with diverse standard drums, conical drums, carton and sea container drums (also with aseptic bags),drums with common transport dents
  • Motor, pump, follower plate and process seal are customised to media and process conditions
  • Eccentric worm-drive pumps and process seal available in FOOD versions
  • Processing of the media carried out in a closed process
  • Eccentric worm-drive pumps provide for low-shear and low pulsation media transfer
  • Residual amount in drums up to less than 1 %
  • Additional blind covers for interruptions in the pumping procedure
  • Motor can stay attached to process device while cleaning the pump


  • For pumping demanding, high-viscosity media out of drums
  • Highly efficient drum emptying (residual amounts in drum up to less than 1 %)
  • High process safety
  • Mobile use
  • Low space requirement
  • Designed for use in hygienic areas
  • Easy cleaning
  • Gentle pumping of the media
  • For various types of drums and bundles
  • Easy to operate


Read more:https://inaparts.com/industrial-machine-equipment/pumps/drum-emptying-system-viscoflux-mobiles/

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