Thru-Wall Level Switches GPLS-25, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

Thru-Wall Level Switches GPLS-25,
Thru-Wall Level Switches GPLS-25,

Through the wall, level switches GPLS–25 is intended for liquid (conductive and non-conductive) level detection on glass or plastic gauge-pipes, tubes, and tanks. The sensitivity and modes (SO – normally open or SC – normally closed) of the switches can be easily set by placing a magnetic pen on a sensitive spot. The connection is done using two wires directly into a circuit with a relay or to binary input of the control system.


  • For liquids limit level sensing on non-conductive (glass or plastic) gauge-pipes, tubes, and tank walls
  • The sensor is equipped with high-frequency technology, which allows reliable operation even for sensing of the adherent electrically conductive medium
  • Miniature performance in a plastic housing, LED state indication
  • Simple sensitivity setting using a magnetic pen
  • Variants with a fixed cable or a connector
  • Two-wire connection directly to the relay circuit or PLC input

Features of Variants

  • GPLS–25N–
    0 Prismatic (refracted) electrode, shape-adapted to be attached to the gauging pipe or other tubes. The
    fixing of the sensor onto a pipe is provided by plastic straps.
  • GPLS–25N–
    1 Planar electrode, suitable for installation on flat surfaces (e.g. plastic or glass tanks). The sensor
    can be fixed with plastic straps or by a double-sided adhesive layer.
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