Magnetrol Echotel® Model 940/941 Compact Economical Ultrasonic Level Switch

Echotel ® Model 940/941 Ultrasonic Level Switch
Magnetrol Echotel ® Model 940/941 Ultrasonic Level Switch
Echotel ® Model 940/941 Ultrasonic Level Switch

Echotel ® Model 940 and 941 Ultrasonic Level Switches are compact integral units that utilize pulsed signal technology to perform high or low level measurement in a wide variety of liquid applications. These switches feature a 316 stainless steel tip-sensitive transducer that is offered in a variety of NPT, flanged, and hygienic process connections. The compact electronics are completely encapsulated just above the process fitting. The Magnetrol ® Model 940 offers a 1-amp SPDT relay output. The Model 941 has a mA current shift output.

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  • Pulsed electronics for excellent performance in difficult process conditions and superior immunity from sources of electromagnetic noise
  • Tip-sensitive transducer gap provides reliable operation by draining viscous liquids and shedding foam in turbulent applications
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) data (FMEDA analysis) is available. Model 940 is suitable for SIL 2 loops. Model 941 is suitable for SIL 1 loops.
  • Extremely compact unit is easily installed in areas where access space is limited
  • 1-amp SPDT relay output (940), or mA current shift (941) output
  • No calibration required


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