Flux Centrifugal immersion pumps Type F 706

Centrifugal immersion pumps Type F 706
Centrifugal immersion pumps Type F 706
Centrifugal immersion pumps Type F 706

FLUX centrifugal immersion pumps are used when larger flow rates, continuous running or special immersion lengths are required. They are especially suitable for pumping and circulating aggressive and abrasive media. There is a choice of different materials available depending on the chemical and thermal requirements. In addition sealless and horizontal versions are available. FLUX centrifugal immersion pumps are individually configured and manufactured according to the technical requirements in each case.

The centrifugal immersion pumps for stationary use type 700 impress with a high performance and reliability and are even suitable for continuous operation. As neither bearing nor seals are in the liquid area the pumps are very low wear and protected against dry running.

A large polypropylene-coated drive shaft together with the use of a thick-walled support tube ensures a very smooth running pump. This type of construction prevents the rotating components from coming into contact with the pump housing and guarantees a long service life and extended maintenance intervals, even in the case of continuous use.

For pumping chemically aggressive fluids throughout the chemical industry and process engineering, as well as wherever acids and alkalis or chemically contaminated fluids with or without solids are to be pumped or circulated safely and economically.


Read more:https://inaparts.com/industrial-machine-equipment/pumps/centrifugal-immersion-pumps-f706/

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