Magnetrol Echotel® 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch

Echotel® 910 ultrasonic level switch
Magnetrol Echotel® 910 ultrasonic level switch
Echotel® 910 ultrasonic level switch

“Industry leader” is a role Magnetrol® has played for over 85 years. In fact, the history of MAGNETROL is a story of the pioneers who built the level instrumentation industry.

Echotel ® Model 910 Level Switches utilize ultrasonic contact technology for measuring level in clean liquid applications. The dual conduit electronics houses an 8-amp DPDT gold flash relay that is field selectable for high or low level fail-safe applications. There are no moving parts that come in contact with the medium. The Echotel Model 910 is an integrally mounted system, comprised of surface mount electronics and a 316 stainless steel transducer. Hazardous area location approvals are available from FM, CSA, and ATEX.

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  • Measures level within 0.25″ (6 mm) from the end of the tip-sensitive transducer gap
  • 8-amp DPDT gold flash or 5-amp DPDT hermetically sealed relay
  • Surface mount conformal coated electronics
  • FM, CSA, and ATEX approved for hazardous locations
  • Variety of mounting options including NPT and BSP threaded, flanges and hygienic connections
  • No calibration required
  • 316 stainless steel transducer
  • Mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Compact dual conduit cast aluminum electronics housing
  • Two-year product warranty


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