Bamo Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC – PFA

Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC - PFA

Bamo Measures Sas has been founded in 1978. Its capital is now 400 000 Euros. Since the beginning, the company has undergone a rapid development centring on industrial pH-meters and conductivity meters. Bamo is now well-known as a leader on the French market.

Since 1990, new developments in the Level Measure have given a new spring in the export. To its own production range, the company holds numerous agencies of foreign companies in Europe and all over the world. So we are offering a complete line with always the best possible service.

Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC - PFA
Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC – PFA

Bamo is a company that comes from France. This company selling some product. The product of Bamo such as pH and ORP; Chlorine, disinfection; Data processors; Conductivity; Water hardness; Turbidity; Oxygen; Level; Temperature; Flow; Pressure; Plastic valves; Metal valves.

Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC – PFA

Ultrasonic flow meter BAMOFLONIC – PFA applies propagation ultrasonic waves principle to measure the speed of a liquid, then to calculate the corresponding flow-rate. Therefore, it is convenient for liquids electrically conductive or not. Note: The liquid must be homogeneous and clear. As no moving parts are concerned, BAMOFLONIC operates without mechanical wear. Wet parts are of PFA.

BAMOFLONIC – PFA can operates without its remote display unit. If liquid properties are different to water (viscosity, waves propagation, etc.), it is recommended to use the remote display unit. It allows to display and modify the flow-meter parameters (output signals, reset of totalizer, dosing function, etc.).


  • 4 models ND 7 to ND 20
  • Measuring ranges from 0.09 up to 120 l/min
  • Wet parts in PFA; Casing in PP
  • 1 Analogue output 0/4-20 mA
  • 1 Digital output, to set up


Flow measurements or dosing sequences of aggressive or neutral liquids:

  • Chemicals strongly alkaline or acidic
  • CIP (Clean In Place)
  • Lixiviates, etc.
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