McCROMETER V-Cone Flow Meter

McCROMETER V-Cone Flow Meter
McCROMETER V-Cone Flow Meter
McCROMETER V-Cone Flow Meter

McCROMETER V-Cone Flow Meter | Liquid, Steam or Gas Flow Measurement

Built-In flow condition design ideal for use in tight-fit and retrofit installations

McCrometer’s V-Cone® Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. The V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations.

The V-Cone is designed for today’s most challenging oil / gas production, chemical, food & beverage, plastics, pharmaceuticals, district HVAC, textile, power and water & wastewater applications. The V-Cone is a better solution: see why. It combines exceptional performance, low maintenance and long life for superior value.

McCrometer’s V-Cone flow meter is an innovative system that takes differential pressure flow measurement to another level. Designed for mild to harsh operating environments, and for a wide variety of fluids, this advanced flow meter consistently outperforms traditional DP devices and other flow technologies. The V-Cone flow meter offers better accuracy and repeatability, wider rangeability, installation flexibility and reduced maintenance.

V-Cone® is a registered trademark of McCrometer.

  • ISO Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • NVLAP Accredited Calibration Laboratory: Lab Code 201023-0
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